5 important life lessons that changed my life.

  1. You need to learn to love yourself for who you are before expecting other people to. It is so important to accept the life you’ve been given and appreciate it. You must see the value within yourself in order to see the value in others and for them to see it in you. Be the person you’d want to know.
  2. Forgive people who do you wrong because holding onto thing’s cause only negativity. I’ve spent too much time obsessing or overthinking about the things that hurt me at one point in life. I could have left them in the past and moved on but I chose to drag them around me like a weight on my back and I now see how that’s negatively impacted me such as making me feel upset and hurt over things that happened years ago.
  3. Your family will always be there. Your family aren’t going anywhere. They are the people who have loved you since you took your first breath and they will love you till your last. People tend to take their unconditional love for granted. Take the time out to go thank them and tell them you love them.
  4. Don’t tell everyone everything. One of my worst habits was telling everyone everything. When I was upset I would so easily tell the first person who asked me if I was ok simply because the young me just wanted to be loved or cared about. I felt as though I deserved that attention. Now I realise that telling people everything was a mistake. Not everyone cares. People would rather see you fail than succeed. Also a lot of the time telling other people about your problems only caused your problems to grow and affect you more.
  5. One smile can change everything. Smiling is the most precious gift on earth. We have been blessed to be given the ability to change someone’s feelings and thoughts through one simple smile. Complimenting people is so simple yet so thoughtful. Make it your mission to bring happiness and joy to others and happiness and joy will find you.

By AlisaLifestyle

Just your average 18 year old girl trying to make a mark in this world!

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