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Love – how I define what can’t be defined.

At 3 I didn’t know what love was.

At 6 I thought love was what I saw in Disney movies.

At 13 I thought love was made up.

At 15 I thought I could love everyone.

At 17 I realised I couldn’t.

Love was the hardest concept I’ve ever had to grasp. Correction: still is the hardest concept I’ve ever had to grasp. It’s not a fairy tale, nor is it made up. You can try love everyone but not everyone will let you love them. Not everyone needs it like you do. The truth is we will never really understand what love is or how to love but that doesn’t mean we aren’t being loving. Love is making mistakes and people picking you up along the way. Love is being angry at someone and it never leaving your mind but that’s because deep down you care. Deep down all you want to do is love. Love is everywhere in different forms. It’s when someone asks how your day was or if your tea is hot enough. Love is the smile on a mothers face as she wipes the ice cream of her child’s mouth. Love is the small smirks in between the ‘argument’ you have with your friends. Love is the tears that roll down your face when you see happiness on someone else’s. Love is feeling both happy and sad. You can feel love in the happiest moments and it’ll lift you up more. However you can also feel love in the saddest moments and it’ll make you hurt more. It’s still love. You don’t learn how to love, you already know. You just have to look for it. Search deep within and find it. It may have gotten lost along the journey of life but it never leaves. It never leaves because love is the first emotion you feel, it’s the first emotion you see and the first emotion that is expressed to you from the minute you’re born. 

And that’s how I define love. That’s how I define what can’t be defined.

By AlisaLifestyle

Just your average 18 year old girl trying to make a mark in this world!

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