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Motivators to success 

Happiness is a huge part of success. To be the most successful you need to be happy with what you do and you need to have a passion from it from the very beginning. Sure you can develop a passion as you develop in what ever it is that you decide to do but how will you ever begin if the happiness and passion isn’t there from the beginning? People overlook happiness or don’t think about it at all. They see the end result, they see their goal and they focus on it which is fine don’t get me wrong but it’s when they struggle so much through their journey and they start to feel sad or angry when they don’t immediately see results and that lack of happiness demotivates them.

When you want to be successful in something because you believe it’s where you’ll be happiest, you need to want to be successful in the journey. You need to be happy with how you get there not just the end result. That happiness and desire needs to be present from the beginning. Yes the end result is the biggest motivator. It’s what you could accomplish and your reason for doing it that will push you but that doesn’t mean it’s the only motivator. You need to put in the hard work. You need to accept that a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor. You have to be positive throughout and understanding that success doesn’t come immediately.





These all come hand in hand and will push you to the maximum and your vision will be even clearer.

By AlisaLifestyle

Just your average 18 year old girl trying to make a mark in this world!

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