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I’m a strong believer that there is something within every single one of us, something special, that if found and if looked hard enough for is what makes us stand out from each other. It gives us that identity. It’s something that is our own. Our own talent, our own quality, characteristic, quirk etc. It’s that bubble of potential that we owe it to ourselves to look for and to make the most out of. At the same time I feel that our potential is limitless, it is endless. The only person who can put a cap on it is yourself.This is why having an open mind is so important. Often it isn’t what we consciously do that caps our potential, it’s what we subconsciously do. It’s the doubt that creeps into the mind right before the potential is unlocked. It’s the negative thoughts that take us 3 steps back right after we’ve taken 2 steps forward. It’s the feeling of defeat a step away from the goldmine.

In that pause,  in that moment of doubt or hesitation remember that no one ever found harm in persisting. 

By AlisaLifestyle

Just your average 18 year old girl trying to make a mark in this world!

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