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Time is ours for the taking!

One day when you’re old and grey what do you want to look back on?A life of regrets or a life filled with memories? We are constantly waiting for the ‘right time’ when in actual fact the right time is now. 


This time. This moment right now won’t exist ever again. When you tell yourself that you’re going to wait for the right time what exactly are you waiting for? What are you judging the right moment on? What factors make that moment right? Go on think about them. Try even listing them. 

When you start viewing the world in a better more positive way and you start valuing every second of every day then you will know that the right time is the present and the longer you wait, the longer you waste. 

Don’t regret any moment of your life. Don’t go to bed at night with a heart half full. You see how you’re wishing right now for things. Things to have or things to do. Well why are you wishing? What is stopping you from doing and having those things right now? You’re your only obstacle. If you don’t have money then go work and make the money. If you don’t have time then go find the time or stop doing what you don’t love that is currently wasting your time. Why aren’t we valuing life? Why can’t we see what we have? Why do we find it so easy to pretend like life is certain and we know exactly what will happen in the next few years? Why do we find it so easy to act like there is a second chance? Time isn’t waiting for you. Time is controlling you and it’s time we controlled time in the only possible way. By doing what we love and making the most out of time. 

Have you ever wondered why we view time so negatively?

It’s because it is the main thing in life that we cannot control. 

We as humans fear what we can’t control. 

Sad isn’t it? All the minutes that have gone to waste simply because people were waiting for a different ‘right’ time. All the missed opportunities and missed memories. All the regrets.

Don’t live a life of regrets. 

Time is ours for the taking.

By AlisaLifestyle

Just your average 18 year old girl trying to make a mark in this world!

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