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3 ways to instantly feel more confident!

1. You have to learn to love yourself. It’s the biggest way and it’s what you need to focus on first. Until you’ve found love for yourself within yourself you can never feel confident. You want to be able to walk down any street and look straight ahead. You want to not have to worry about what the people passing you think of you. You have to realise that your beauty can’t be found in anyone else. It’s yours and yours only and so you have a duty to own it.
2. Smile. Smile all the time. Smile when you’re on your own. Smile when you’re with friends. There’s so much in this world to be happy and to smile about. Smiling is the least expensive most beautiful way to increase your self confidence and the way others see you.

3. Understand that although you may think people are judging you, they’re not. We as humans are so scared and think that everyone we pass is making judgements on us based on the way we are dressed, the way we look and the way we speak. The thing is 80% of the time they’re not. It’s because everyone has their own things to deal with and their own thoughts to worry about. You carry on living your life, don’t worry about other people. It’s highly likely you’re not going to ever see that person again. It’s highly likely that if they do make a judgment then they’ll forget it barely 20 seconds after.

By AlisaLifestyle

Just your average 18 year old girl trying to make a mark in this world!

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