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5 reasons why being positive will change your life!

1) It is actually scientifically proven to make you feel better and happier. A simple smile no matter where you are, who you smile at or even why you smile releases endorphins and serotonin into your body. Endorphins are natural painkillers and serotonin is a brain chemical that acts as a natural anti-depressant!

2) When people around you see you being positive, it’ll rub off on them and they will become positive. You see simply by eliminating negative thoughts, you are passing it on to other people and their lives will become happier and less negative too!

3) The world will look completely different. Now if you put two people in a room together and asked them what they thought of the same picture of a waterfall, for example, their opinions will be different. They see the same image but their brain will take the image in, in a different way due to their thought process and how they’re feeling. The positive people will see the beauty in it more than the negative people. When you become more positive then you will eee everything around you in a different, clearer light.

4) A positive mind will ultimately drive you and lead you to success. You will become a problem solver rather than a problem dweller. You will see opportunity where others see failure. You’ll become someone others want to follow rather than someone people don’t want to be around. 

5) Arguably the most important – you will see yourself in a better light. I believe how we as humans see ourselves is the biggest factor in how our lives pan out. Too many people can be surrounded by amazing opportunities or an amazing lifestyle but they’ll think nothing of it if they’re not happy within. Everything does start from within. When you realise the power of positive thinking not just on the world around you but internally to, it’ll become a part of you naturally. Your self-esteem and confidence will rise and you will understand that you’re enough, you’re blessed and you have a life ahead of you that is completely in your own control!

By AlisaLifestyle

Just your average 18 year old girl trying to make a mark in this world!

7 replies on “5 reasons why being positive will change your life!”

I love this! What great points! I’ve noticed a big difference in my life as I have focused on positivity. I attract positive people and feel like I can do anything. Stresses in my life are easier to manage. Thanks for sharing.

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Positivity is so so powerful but often sadly overlooked, just looking at a small situation more positively can make a huge different. You’ve experience the law of attraction the idea that “like attracts like” wow! Thank you for reading 🙂

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Yes! I attended a writer’s conference this weekend. I thought about everything positive that I wanted to happen at the conference. I was amazed on how many of the things I desired actually happened. The law of attraction is real and it starts with positivity for sure. You are welcome on reading. We need more positive people and information out there!

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Positivity is key I used to be so negative and I’d ignore all the advice from others but the moment I decided to listen and embrace positivity, it changed my life! My entire outlook and I’m in a happier place. Also a lot more good things happen in life! It truly makes you think! That’s what my blog is centred around, inspiring people, helping people and spreading positivity!

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This is great! Since I’ve been more positive, I agree! It has changed my life as well. YEAH on the good things in your life!!! Me too! I can handle the bad better as well. Keep at it on your blog. It’s great. More positive things will come your way.

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