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The truth about life…

In life you can be put through situations where you have to make decisions you may not want to or you’re put into situations that hurt you. I’ve learnt that pushing people away and trying to hide away may sound like it helps, when life’s getting tough you think getting away from it all would help don’t you?

It doesn’t though does it? You push yourself away and curl up into a ball and think about it. Think about how sad you are and how bad the situation is. I think there’s another way. I can’t offer a permanent solution that would make everything better forever but I know a long lasting temporary solution.

The solution isn’t to hide away, it’s to face it head on.

How about realising that it’s not life that’s letting you down it’s your surroundings. It’s the environment around you that is making it worse for you. You feel terrible so you’re going to put yourself in a situation that does nothing to get rid of or cover up these negative feelings.

You see life is full of beauty and happiness and the reason you can’t see that is because you’re not actively looking for it. You’re hurt and you’re feeling let down and happiness would naturally be the last thing on your mind.

Think about it, when did you wake up this morning and think to yourself ‘I’m going to explore and appreciate nature’ or ‘wow there is so much to be grateful for’? Did you make a conscious decision to do something that makes you happy or be a happier person? Life is going to get in the way of course and we can’t stop it but what we can do is make up for it. We can choose to let go of those bad moments and not hold onto them. I want you to ask yourself if you walked into a shop and saw two tops, one was the worst looking top you’ve ever seen and the other is the best looking top, which one would you pick up? 

You’d pick up the best looking top! Why? Because as humans we go for the options that make us the happiest and that please us. Negativity is a bad top. You wouldn’t buy, you wouldn’t even pick it up so why are you choosing to hold onto it? 

It hurts and it sucks but don’t be the gasoline to the flame. Don’t let yourself be the reason it gets worse or you feel worse.

The truth about life is that there are no guarantees, at all. One moment you’ll be happy and the next it’ll feel like you’ve been hit by a tonne of bricks. There aren’t any easy solutions or ways out of it. We know we can’t dodge the obstacles life throws at us but we can work our way through it. I’ve spoken about positive mindset before in a previous post so this time I want to say that one way to move through the problems is by not letting it control you. 

Busy yourself with tasks, surround yourself with positive people, go outside and take a deep breath of fresh air and smell the damn flowers. It’ll be ok, it’ll get better and one day you won’t even remember it. You’ll get through it because you have been given the strength to get through it and more! You’ll come out the other end stronger only if you see it as a learning experience. 

By AlisaLifestyle

Just your average 18 year old girl trying to make a mark in this world!

3 replies on “The truth about life…”

It’s truly amazing how powerful the mind is and how a simple thought can change your whole mood or outlook! Letting our problems control us makes them a lot worse. We usually have control over them and we shouldn’t forget that!

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