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Our bravest act is admitting the feelings within.

I think the bravest act someone can do is to admit how they feel. When you accept how you feel or tell others you allow a vulnerability that isn’t found elsewhere. Feelings are personal and scary. They mess you up then make you complete again. Feelings are the truest part of people. They also control a large part of us. They control our thoughts, direct our actions and take us to places we never thought we could go.

Feelings contradict themselves, we cry when we are sad, yet we cry when we are happy. We scream when we are scared, yet we scream when we have fun! We roll our eyes when we get annoyed, yet we roll them when we are amused.

When we are angry it could be because we don’t care at all. Or we care too much.

Accepting to yourself that you’re not happy is the first step on the road to becoming happy. Accepting to yourself that you don’t always HAVE to be happy is the first step to taking more control over your life and your actions. 

Feelings are strange, people are fearful of them. Why? Because feelings and the largest part of us that we can’t control! People fear what they can’t control and feelings have a mind of their own. 

One minute you can be calm and peaceful and the next whether it be because of a thought you have, something you read or something you hear, you can feel pain or sadness.

We need to realise that feelings aren’t there to be feared. They’re the most natural and raw part of us. They make us who we are. They give us character. 

Often feelings make experiences more real, they make memories more enjoyable.

We may not be able to control them but the minute we stop trying to is the moment we can work with them rather than against them. 

Be brave. Admit how you feel. Unite with your feelings rather that act against them. Let the truest version of you come out and stun the world with its beauty!

By AlisaLifestyle

Just your average 18 year old girl trying to make a mark in this world!

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