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You will experience failures and obstacles many times before your first taste of success! Here are 5 steps to not becoming a quitter!

For the majority, success is not instant. It takes time, effort, dedication and 100% commitment. Success isn’t a straight road. It isn’t a calm sea or a sunny day. Success is time. Success is a bumpy, windy and long road. It is a rough sea and a stormy day. There is beauty in the long road to success. You just have to look for it and think about it.
Think about all the no’s that are bringing you closer to a yes. Think about how they build up your skills and mindset. They teach you right from wrong and what is effective from what is not effective. Each one makes you stronger and stronger.

When something doesn’t go to plan people usually let it get to them. They become annoyed, frustrated or just upset. They begin to develop a quitters mindset than a winners one. I say quitter because I truly believe that you cannot lose, you can only quit.

Let me tell you the difference between the two mindsets. A quitters mindset loses determination after every no whilst a winners mindset uses the no to fuel their determination for a yes. A quitters mindset starts to give up after receiving 20+ no’s, a winners mindset understands that with each no they are closer to a yes. A quitter grinds when they feel like it and are constantly waiting for momentum. A winner grinds 24/7 and builds the momentum themselves.

Here is 5 steps on how to not be a quitter:

  1. The reason you want the success has to be bigger than yourself – if you want success for the money then you are already willing to give up. If your reason is materialistic and if your reason can be achieved elsewhere then what makes you think you will stay? Your reason has to be something you can’t get anywhere else. It has to keep you bouncing back after every knock down. You have to live and breathe your reason why.
  2. You have to be coachable and take advice and criticism from others – so many people hate being told negative points about themselves. They refuse to accept any type of help from others simply because they are afraid that the other persons initial judgement will be all they think about. They deny being the way they are told that they are because no one wants to be seen negatively. No one wants to think that someone sees something not so good in them. There is a quality about them that someone doesn’t like. People seek acceptance and any form of criticism is like disapproval. We have to move away from this way of thinking. We have to listen and be willing to change and adapt the way we do certain things if it will help us succeed. If you want success why not take advice from those who have already achieved it? They know what they are doing, they know what works so listen to them. You see taking someone else’s criticism on board and accepting where you may have gone wrong builds you as a person and as a leader. It keeps your feet firmly planted to the ground and makes you a more approachable person.
  3. You have to work on yourself and your mindset every single day – our mind is our most powerful resource. It changes our whole outlook on situations. It changes our mood, our actions and dictates pretty much every single thing. Before I developed my mindset I can see now how toxic it was. I would accept defeat and failure easily. I never thought I could try things again. I didn’t think things could be better. I then started to research the mind and listen to training on it. I learnt so much! I learnt about the law of attraction, you are what you think, your mindset determines your action, one situation can be seen completely differently with an adjustment of the mind. The mind is our greatest asset. Rather than head dive into the first solution that comes to my head I take a step back and evaluate the situation. I weigh up the pros and cons. I control the way I act.
  4. You can’t feel let down when things don’t go your way – life isn’t fair. Life isn’t designed to be easy and simple. There will be so many let downs and rejections. It is something we must learn to accept. Become an accepting person. If we dwelled on every single bad moment in our lives we would live in a constant state of depression. We have to move on from these moments and look towards greater things. We can’t cry over spilt milk. You will be on one pathway and suddenly be pushed onto another within a second because that is just how life is. Learn to adapt to it. Learn to think about plan B, C, D etc.
  5. You have to use the journey as the biggest life lesson – the journey to success is the most important part. The success itself is just an end goal. It is the journey that will shape you as a person. It is the journey that will teach you all you have to know. Without the journey there will be no result. You don’t sit on a plane and expect to be at your destination in a blink of an eye so why expect the same on the journey to success? Take note of every single thing that happens. It will either be a memory to look back on or an important lesson. When I say take note of every single thing I mean it. From the tasks you do to the people you meet. Take note of the things that may not be affecting your journey or are outside of it. They do all mean something.


By AlisaLifestyle

Just your average 18 year old girl trying to make a mark in this world!

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