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When it feels like the end of the world, it is actually just the end of one chapter in your life story.

The thing about life is, it likes to surprise us. It likes to do this when we least expect it and unfortunately it’s not always a nice surprise. I’ve spent a lot of my time observing the people around me. It has made me aware of all the different situations and events that people get in to in life. One thing it has done is made me a more emotional person because I’ve witnessed other people go through a lot of hardships in life. Especially when it’s someone close to you, you do feel a part of their pain. What I have noticed is that we are often so consumed by our current lifestyle and the lifestyle we are comfortable with that we don’t realise what’s going wrong until it happens. It takes something dramatic to knock up back a little and realise the situation we are in/ the situation we put ourselves in. Unfortunately by then it is too late to do anything, it’s too late to easily fix it all.

One thing I have realised is that when we lose touch with doing the things we WANT to do because we have replaced it with the things we NEED to do, we lose ourselves. We get in the mind-set that it is selfish for us to have a hobby, it is selfish for us to do what we want to do just once, its selfish not to focus on what we need to do. Let me tell you that it is not selfish at all. In fact it’s healthy for our soul to feed it with whatever it desires once in a while. It is human nature to be greedy. We are all greedy whether we like it or not but if we try deny ourselves of feeding the greed within us then we are putting our own happiness on the line. It is funny though that it is something so severe mentally but we don’t realise until we lose something.

Notice that I haven’t even mentioned blame in these situations. When the worst has happened blame is just a way to make yourself or others feel worse. There is no point in it. Blame won’t help you move on, work through it, get past it. Blame will only anger it more. It will only act as an acid to the already lit flame. Forget blame, all the focus you would have used to blame, use it to work on yourself and make a positive change instead.

“If I could take all the hurt in the world and lock it away in a box (kind of like Pandora’s Box) I would in a heartbeat. If I could take the pain of the people I love and put it into myself just so that they don’t have to suffer then I would. I think that is why I feel so strongly about trying my hardest to be there for people, give them advice, make them laugh and try making them happy. I don’t want them to hurt because when they do, I do. No one deserves to suffer in this world…”

Life isn’t easy. A saying so overused but so misunderstood. The older we get the harder the struggles, however the older we get the wiser we are to fix them. We don’t realise this though. We forget past struggles and what we have overcame to get to where we are now and we feel defeated. The truth is everything we need in order for us to get past the struggles is within us. It is there. We will never be put in a situation that we can’t move past. Have faith in that. Trust that you’re strong enough to learn from this and grow through what you go through.

No one is going to tell you that tomorrow you will wake up and it’ll all be over. No one will tell you that “it is ok” because if they care about you they will be honest with you. It isn’t going to be over any time soon, you have to stick it out. It isn’t ok, if it was ok it wouldn’t hurt this much but one day it will be ok. One morning you will wake up and it’ll all be behind you. You need to realise that it is a process. You HAVE to trust the process. You have to believe that even if it feels like the end of the world, it is just the end of a chapter in your book. A new one is right around the corner you just need to let it begin. Give it the opportunity to change your life around. Let it be the greatest story ever told.
(Btw this was my 100th post and it’s something I feel extremely passionate about. Wow 100 posts already! Thanks for the love ❤️)

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Just your average 18 year old girl trying to make a mark in this world!

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