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Being yourself and being completely unapologetic!

When are you going to stop apologising for who you are? When will you stop apologising for being passionate about certain things, having certain quirks, doing what you want and being who you are? It pains me when people are talking so passionately about something then pause half way through apologising for getting ‘too excited’ or ‘too passionate’. There is honestly nothing to apologise for.

The greatest thing you can do is be yourself. When you are your true self then you will attract genuine people. People who love you for who you are and nothing else. People who won’t try to change you or turn you into someone you are not.

Often when we aren’t being ourselves and are changing just to suit other people then we lose ourselves. It is one of our deepest regrets in the long run. When you try so hard to be someone you’re not then you lose who you actually are. You forget what makes you, you. You lose your sense of identity and that creates more problems for you. 

Not knowing who you are opens the door for insecurities. They will creep into your mind and hurt you, they’ll make you doubt and question things. All because you didn’t stay true to yourself.

Now reading this you may believe that you’re the one to blame. Its normal to feel this way but remember you aren’t. So many things happen to us that we cannot control. It is often beyond us how they gain that control but they do. People are a huge obstacle in our lives especially in terms of personal development, identity etc. In fact social media plays a huge role in this too. Being surrounded by so many opinionated people does make us feel weaker and confused. Our real strength lies in the ability to stand out amongst these crowds and put our foot down.

Social media influences not only our thoughts but society’s thoughts as well. We are at a constant battle with other people without even meaning to be simply because of the amount of competition to be a certain type of way. The more time we spend on social media simply scrolling through Instagram, the more we lose ourselves. Suddenly all your hobbies are out the door and the one’s projected to us on Instagram have taken over.

The world has enough of the same people unfortunately. There is no one with the same DNA as you in the world yet we see more of the same types of people every day because we are all losing what makes us unique in the first place. 

Stay true to who you are. If you have lost who you are then turn off social media and tune into the real world. Go find yourself in books, in long walks and new experiences. Be you and be unapologetic. Talk for hours about what makes you happy and the people who love you for you will listen the whole time. Stop apologising. Make ‘sorry’ your least favourite word.

By AlisaLifestyle

Just your average 18 year old girl trying to make a mark in this world!

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