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How to start focusing on your passions!

If you have a dream, goals you wish to achieve, you do not have to wait for months or years to go after it. You don’t have to put it off. You see I have dreams and goals and for the longest time I didn’t think I could do them or achieve them because of many reasons. I work, I have other commitments, I have family commitments etc. I pushed my dreams away in search of more ‘practical’ dreams. Everyone around me seemed to push me towards doing things that would bring money into my life, educational skills etc. no one wanted to push me towards doing things that brought happiness into my life.

Ever since a young age I knew that if I could be anything in the world I would choose to be happy. Happiness is such a powerful emotion. As you grow up people tell you to ‘be realistic’, ‘face the real world’, but look at the world out there. If we aren’t aiming for happiness then aren’t we just feeding our fears? Are we focusing on surviving rather than living because the horrors of the world are just too real? Don’t you think that at times like these we should be going after our goals and feeding our happiness because life is honestly too short.

Now that I have placed myself in this mind-set of doing things I am passionate about I am going to show you how I have fit it in around my current lifestyle.

  1. SCHEDULE! Never underestimate the power of planning your hours and creating a visual chart of when you can do what. You will be surprised to see how many hours you didn’t even realise you had free to do whatever your heart desires.
  2. Life time goals and short term goals. Goals get you excited. To see where you could be in a few years or even a few days’ time will motivate you to carry on pursuing your dreams. Don’t forget to aim high! No goal is too small nor too big. Everything is achievable if you want it bad enough.
  3. To-Do Lists. These are different to your schedule because often these have shorter or varied deadlines. These are things you need to focus on aside from your schedule. Have a to-do list for each day so you can clearly see what it is you need to get done before you can get into that comfy bed of yours! Have a general to-do list, these consist of things you have to work towards not necessarily goals but things that will help you progress towards your goals.
  4. Vision Board. Put the words aside for a while, we don’t always have time to read through the lists when we are in a rush, we don’t always feel in the mood to look at our long list of goals so bring them all together in a creative way. Create a poster of sorts that gets you pumped and excited. Something to stick on your wall and inspire you! All these achievements you imagine yourself getting placed visually in front of you for you to see every single day will have a powerful effect on your mind and your determination.
  5. Don’t put pressure on any of it. Your goals and targets don’t have to be deadlined for tomorrow. Give yourself time and remember to enjoy the journey and the experience of working towards your dreams. You are following your passions remember! This journey will go the way you plan it to go, you’re in charge no one else so take it easy on yourself. You know what is best for you.
  6. Get the people around you to motivate you and push you. As much as you may want this for yourself we don’t always feel in the mood to go after our dreams. Some days we feel demotivated and not as aspirational. Get one person who means a lot to you, who supports you and who you trust and tell them everything. Share with them your goals and how you’re going to do it. Tell them how you want them to push you. Their support on the slower days will give you the push you need to keep going!

If you’re willing to share your passions with me do comment below. Let me know what goals and dreams you have and if you follow these steps how did it go for you?

If you haven’t already guessed my passion is this blog. I want it to change lives, be read by millions and spoken about by many!

Wish me luck x

By AlisaLifestyle

Just your average 18 year old girl trying to make a mark in this world!

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