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So let’s talk about The Royal Wedding 💍

Wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow
That display of love captured the whole world and had us there and with them until the very end. A couple who’s love shines and isn’t tried to be toned down. From the glances at each other, the way their hands stayed interlocked, the kiss at the end…unconditional love everywhere. Speechless is the only way we can describe the feeling of watching Meghan walk down the aisle. The fact that she walked halfway down the aisle alone, independently and with so much elegance and class held our hearts. How beautifully their wedding was carried out will never be forgotten. You can see the amount of detail and planning that has gone into their wedding and it was pulled off seamlessly. 

Why is it, however, that this wedding stands out beyond the rest?

Mrs Meghan Markle herself. Someone we can relate to and imagine being. Our own real life Disney princess. Someone who went from being a “commoner” of sorts, to an activist and actress to Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Sussex. Meghan Markle is an inspiring young woman. Someone who has a voice and isn’t afraid to share it. Someone who fights for what’s right and won’t ever let anyone or anything quieten her down. One day we were all watching her sassy self on Suits and the next watching her marry into the Royal family all because of one blind date. It’s something none of us ever saw coming but it couldn’t be more wonderful! Meghan showed us all that we can be anyone we want to be and do whatever we set our hearts on. 

Watching something so beautiful and unifying live will be something to remember. A moment of history we can all say we were a part of. The amount of importance projected on the theme of Love had me in awe. It made me realise and understand the beauty and power of love. The way it can change lives and being people together. 

I remember back in 2011 I woke up at 8am ready to watch Kate Middleton marry Prince William. In true princess style their extravagant and traditional wedding was a surreal experience for little 12 year old me to witness. This wedding though was a completely different experience. Simplicity over extravagance, diversity mixed with tradition. A true modern day wedding, modern day bride and new image painted for the Royal Family. 

(Can’t forget to mention the stunning choir singing Stand By Me – jaw-dropping!)

After today, love is in the air, princesses are real and Disney is real life. 

By AlisaLifestyle

Just your average 18 year old girl trying to make a mark in this world!

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