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A letter for my younger self.

Dear Little Me,

You won’t see any of this coming. I wish I could tell you that the next few years of your life will be the best yet but in actual fact I’m jealous of you. You’re living in a happier time. A time when the world isn’t messed up and people aren’t scared of what is to come. You have no idea of the heartache and struggles you are about to face and I wish I could turn back time and choose a different path in life so that you wouldn’t have to face it all.

I can promise you quite a few things though. The main one is you will be loved. You will feel so loved that you heart will explode with gratitude. You will meet people that become family to you and they will help you in ways no one else can, funny thing is even they don’t know they’re doing it. Hold them close little me because you’re going to hear news that will quite literally break you. It will be the start of the toughest journey yet and you will need these people by your side.

It gets easier though because you’ll hold onto hope and faith. Keep holding onto that.

Little me you’ve always found it hard to find good qualities within you but over time you’ll realise that your greatest quality is also your greatest weakness. You put people before yourself and that’s ok but you do it too much. You’ll realise this eventually and think about it over and over again, just stick with your motto – you know the one.

You’re kind, generous, funny, caring, lovable, hard working, dedicated, motivated and so many more! The confidence and self belief will come in time.

I can’t promise that you’ll wake up everyday happy. I can’t promise that you’ll go to sleep every night with a smile on your face. I can promise, however, that you are a fighter.

Little Me, this letter may sound deep, there are parts I wish I never had to write but don’t be afraid. It’s all part of life and you will come out of it stronger. Don’t be scared to feel. Don’t be scared to say what you think. Don’t be scared of what others may think of you. Keep looking at situations with positivity. Keep being grateful for what you have and what is coming.

Dear Little Me, enjoy the good and learn from the bad. Keep your family close and never ever give up on hope.


By AlisaLifestyle

Just your average 18 year old girl trying to make a mark in this world!

4 replies on “A letter for my younger self.”

Inspiring and hopeful piece of writing. I love the positive vibe that this post brings me. Thank you for sharing. I feel better now.
By the way, can you please try to follow my blog page, if you don’t mind. I would love to connect with you. 🙂

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