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Sunday Favourites

Something to look out for on a Sunday is my Sunday Favourites. Here I will be rounding up my favourite blog finds of the week, blog posts I have read and loved and social media accounts that I have found and followed. I think these people deserve this much needed recognition for their content.

So here goes this weeks Sunday Favourites!

Blog Post of the Week

This blog post I chose as my favourite of the week as it helps me on the practical side of life. I have been very much into improving my blog, building my followers, creating good content and finding things to help with that this week. I found this post and instantly learnt so much from it and of course download the app.

I was looking for an editorial calendar for a while. Somewhere I could schedule my posts, keep track of what I am doing and what I need to do and just be organised.


Hannah Gale –

Hannah Gale kept popping up on every search I did for lifestyle blogs to follow and after scrolling through her site I can see why. Her site is pretty and pink, she covers a wide range of topics and her little one is the cutest. She shares every aspect of her life with us and after reading a few posts I feel like her friend.

Amaliah –

For a Muslim blogger this has got to be one of my favourite blogs to read. Something funny, informative and relatable. Basically everything you could ever want in a blog. I’m constantly clicking on their blog and reading through their feed, it has honestly become a habit. I want to guest blog for them one day and be a part of the amazing community they have created.

Coco’s Tea Party –

The aesthetic of this blog….wow, it is simple but very elegant. The topics she covers are perfect for a lifestyle blogger and she shares some much needed tips on topics from travel to fashion and travelling fashion! She also shares a reading list and I love learning about what other people read and finding new books to buy.

Social Media Accounts of the week

Instagram – @dominique.baker

Dominique followed me first on Instagram and let me tell you I was shook. For someone with her amount of followers and her aesthetically pleasing account to follow me who has under 200 followers and my instagram feed is questionable I was honoured. Her feed is stunning to look at and full of amazing content. Trust me follow her and you won’t forget it!

Twitter – @creationNA

I love this account because it is full of inspiring and motivational tweets and if you have followed my blog for long enough you’ll know that I am a big fan of anything motivational.

By AlisaLifestyle

Just your average 18 year old girl trying to make a mark in this world!

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I love the idea of internet favorites, it’s very different from what other bloggers show as their your blog, so glad I stumbled upon it!i’d ove for you to check out mine as well!keep writing<3

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