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The gift of life

Today is an exciting and special day for me. My auntie gave birth in the early hours of the morning and our family welcomed a new addition. A beautiful baby boy 💙 He has stolen all our hearts and is the most precious baby I’ve ever seen. 

The gift of life is a beautiful thing that we often overlook. This baby has come into this world with a Tabula Rasa. A blank slate. He has his whole life ahead of him to learn, experience things, succeed, get things wrong, make a few mistakes, find his way and create his path in life.

He is unaware of fear, heartbreak and has no other desire except to figure out this crazy world he was born in to.

When he took his first breath, inhaling the air from the hospital room it probably confused him as he’d never experienced such a thing. Something so different from where he was nurtured for 9 months yet he took another breath. And another one and so on.

When he opened his eyes for the first time, the light probably was too bright but he blinked a few times and adjusted and now he stares at everything with awe.

When he was first bathed he probably wanted to resist to the unfamiliar feeling but he adjusted to it and let himself understand it.

When he learns to walk he will fall over many times but each time he will get back up and try again. 

He will learn to walk, talk, read, write, run, jump and live and he will fail and fail and fail until he succeeds but the thought of giving up will never cross his mind.

Imagine never even considering giving up. Imagine always bouncing back up until you prevail.

Imagine having a fresh start. I feel that no matter what age you are everyone needs that chance to start over. I feel as though we can have that. We can all start a fresh in whichever way we choose. We can make a change and make a difference whenever we want. 

Never forget how wonderful life is, how blessed we all are to be alive and to have the chance to make mistakes and learn and grow. 

Don’t take this life for granted. Live your life rather than simply surviving. Never give up when things don’t go to plan the first time. Prevail. Persist. When you do, wonderful things will happen.

By AlisaLifestyle

Just your average 18 year old girl trying to make a mark in this world!

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