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Travel Series – Travel Essentials Guide

Kicking off this new series on my blog with my travel essentials for both luggage and hand baggage when it comes to planes, essentials bag to take on a boat and my essentials for those long car journeys.

Luggage Essentials

  • Towels – yes most places do provide their own towels but I find it is always handy to carry around one of your own.
  • Hair brush – you’d be surprised at how many times I have forgotten this one and had to buy one at duty free!
  • Shampoo/ Conditioner/ Body Wash – Don’t rely on your accommodation to provide enough of these for you. Also if you have coloured hair or you like to keep it well maintained, I personally wouldn’t risk settling for the hotel ones. Plus it is a sort of comfort when you’re away to keep things you’re familiar with as a part of your routine.
  • Deodorant – I don’t think much explanation is needed here at all.
  • Comfy footwear – Trust me! Yes you may want your nice heels for the evenings, some sandals for the beach, some flip flops just to throw on but a comfy pair of trainers or shoes is a must!
  • Extra locks for your suitcase – Ok so story time! I went to Istanbul a few months ago (Travel Diary coming soon!) and before we went out for the day we put all our important belongings into my suitcase. I locked it up and put the key in my bag safe and secure. However upon returning to the Air B’n’B I realised that I could not find my key and so it was locked in the suitcase along with our passports, IPads etc. You can imagine the horror! Long story short my uncle had to practically cut the lock off with cooking knifes we found in the kitchen. I also had to purchase a new lock and this time I didn’t lose the key! Safe to say I learned my lesson and now I am passing it down to you! You’re welcome!
  • Sun cream – I never understood what a little bit of cream could do to ‘protect’ us from the sun until my cousin turned a humorous shade of red on holiday and walked around like a penguin due to his sunburn. Don’t forget this one! (Also if you’re unsure of what to buy please ask a friend, you may accidentally pick up self tanning cream/ bronzing cream – trust me I am not making this one up 😉 )
  • Toothbrush/Toothpaste – it is an essential because imagine going on holiday for a week without them!!

Hand Baggage Essentials

  • Mini hand gel – someone once told me about all the germs on an airplane and its safe to say I have taken hand gel with me every time since that conversation. *shudders*
  • Passport – well you won’t be getting anywhere without this one.
  • Paper copies of reservations and bookings – Yes I know, you can have your plane ticket on your phone, if we have technology why carry around meaningless papers blah blah blah – well what if your phone dies, what if you drop it, what if you’d rather save your battery. Look you’re going to travel to another country do not take the risk. Keep all your documents with you and on paper. The less you have to worry about the better.
  • A book – I start and finish a book on the plane and let me tell you it makes the journey go by so much faster and comfier. Get lost in a book, in somewhere new whilst you’re travelling to somewhere new! Start the journey the right way. I take a book everywhere, it isn’t just my travel essentials item, its an every day essential item. I could go on and on about my love for reading but I don’t want to bore you so I will stop here. (However if you do want to know more 😉 check out my post Why Haven’t I Ever Blogged About Books Before!)
  • Earphones – it is a must especially if you’re sat next to a noisy passenger, a loud sleeper or a boring companion!
  • Phone charger – You may need to use it as soon as you get off the plane so I recommend taking it in your hand luggage not your main baggage.
  • Facial Wipes – When you’re on a plane and you have a long journey ahead you may feel the need to freshen up a little, wipes are a life saver!
  • Snacks – I can’t sit through anything without food never mind a plane journey.
  • Water – keep hydrated! I once fainted on a plane and now I never leave home without a water bottle.

Boat Bag Essentials (not for cruises as I haven’t been on one yet so I wouldn’t know what essentials to recommend)

  • Facial Wipes
  • A warm jacket – I took a ferry to Rotterdam recently and one thing I liked to do was go out on the deck and just stare out at the sea. It was night time so I mainly watched the stars and the far off city lights but it was still pretty cool to experience. However it gets chilly out at sea so wrap up warm, otherwise you may end up starting off your vacation with the flu.
  • A book – you already know why!
  • Earphones – you can still listen to music without reception (unless you use the free versions in which case you may not need these)
  • A pack of cards – usually on boat journeys wifi and reception is unheard of so you are going to have to find some traditional ways of keeping yourself entertained

Long Car Journey Essentials

  • A book – you won’t always be reading during  a car journey as many times you can get a headache but just in case, always have a book with you
  • A carrier bag – just for those who get travel sick
  • Earphones – in a car there is limited space to do anything so sit back, pop in your earphones and enjoy the ride!
  • Snacks – because of course…
  • Wipes – you don’t want sticky fingers for a while journey. It will bug you trust me.
  • A blanket – Sit as comfortably as you can and make sure you are cosy! A blanket will help with that for sure!

Look out for more travel series blogs every Thursday!

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