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Saying Yes and Keeping Positive

So it’s been a while, some of you may not even think it has, however it has if you consider the fact that I was aiming to post every day. There’s a reason for this though. I just wasn’t happy with the content I had created. I wasn’t happy with scheduling posts I didn’t 100% feel confident about just for the sake of having something to post. That isn’t the type of blogger I am, nor is it the type of blogger I want to be.

So that lead me to question what type blogger I want to be? I know I want to help people, inspire people and possibly educate people. I know I want to create a following so that I can use the platform as way to shed light on topics not commonly discussed. But what type of content could I regularly create without sounding repetitive? And would it be too much to venture into new blog topics such as book reviews?

I need to solidify my blogs identity whilst working on my own. Who Am I? I did a tag a while back called #WhoAmI designed to inspire people to be themselves and be completely unapologetic. However my following is nowhere near the size needed to my tag to go viral so I guess that is something I am still working on.

Now, in both the journey to find my blog and myself I have to open up a lot more to new opportunities. This brings me onto the title of this post. Saying Yes and Keeping Positive.

I made a subconscious decision recently to start saying yes. I didn’t realise I was doing it until I had said yes to nearly every opportunity that came across my path and ended up having a reasonable amount of anxiety before each experience. It has made such a big difference in my life already. It has also made me realise how it is the unconscious decisions that make the most impact.


Because the subconscious ones are the ones your body really needs, your mind really needs. The conscious ones are the ones we overthink, we assume will help because ‘people on the internet claim they will’.

Saying Yes has made me come out of my comfort zone. One of the hardest steps to take. One step doesn’t necessarily mean you are suddenly Superwoman and afraid of nothing. One step means expanding the size of your comfort zone. Becoming comfortable with a few more things whilst eliminating them as fears. So I said yes, yes and yes. Don’t get me wrong I almost said no, no and no immediately after but because I had initially set my mind to it and arranged these experiences in such a way that backing out wasn’t possible, I actually had to do them. AND I AM SO THANKFUL THAT I DID!

Yes it was nerve-wracking at first, yes I felt anxious and had many self-doubts. But I have already made some amazing memories, taken part in some wonderful project and most importantly gained the courage to open up to new people.

I advise you all to say yes. Don’t overthink anything. If someone offers you an opportunity just say yes and make sure they hold you to it. You will thank them for it trust me.

Now onto how I have been keeping positive over the past few weeks. Well it just so happens to be another subconscious decision. Every morning I have been waking up and as I do my usual morning routine of scrolling through my feeds, I have made it a habit to scroll more through my Pinterest feed which is filled with quotes as I have an ‘Inspire’ board.

(Check out my pinterest – )

Waking up and reading positive quotes and affirmations straightaway has put me in a good mood, my mind in a happy place and has allowed me to think more clearly and positively throughout the day. It is amazing what one positive thought in the right direction can do for your mental state. I have been doing this and sharing the quote that inspired me each morning on my social medias so others can feel inspired too. After all who knows you may have needed to read those exact words that morning to make them feel a lot better.

These small but impactful decisions have really helped me think a lot clearly and focus more every day. They aren’t magic, I do still have those moments where I get angry, upset or hurt but they do stay on my mind and reminding myself of them really helps. Especially because it is no surprise that we scroll through the same feeds throughout the day on our social medias and so go back and watch your own story. Remind yourself of that positive thought and let it clear your mind and keep you on track!

Below is the quote that inspired me this morning, I hope it helps you too…



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Just your average 18 year old girl trying to make a mark in this world!

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