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New Beginnings

“Seek and you shall find”
In my case I was simply seeking guidance, ideas, hope and confidence to go out there and make something happen. I became comfortable in my routine and realised how much it has been holding me back. From a young age my family always told me that I would do great things, achieve so much and help people along the way and I believed them. I still do believe them because I know what I am capable of. Contrary to the popular song, I do in fact know my own strength (to a certain degree). However my routine and my current lifestyle has been slowing me down. So much so that the belief I had started to fade. I realised I needed to make bug life changes so that I never lose sight of what I could do and who I could become. Don’t get me wrong this lifestyle was once the much needed change in my life. It made me learn so much about myself, the world, the mind etc. I met friends I know will be here for life and I made connections I hold very dear to my heart. But I was living someone else’s day, focusing on someone else’s dream and not feeling passionate about anything that I was doing. The only passion left was my blog, my book, my writing.
I strongly believe you should have passion for what you choose to spend your time on day in and day out. I believe a day spent doing something that makes you unhappy is a day wasted.
So I made the decision and with a heavy heart turned the page of that chapter in my life.
I will never forget what it taught me or the opportunities it provided for me but I grew as much as I could and when I stopped growing I realised it was time for another change.
Change is scary but change is necessary.
Tough goodbyes lead to magical hellos. That is something I constantly remind myself of.
“When nothing is certain, anything is possible.”
I am at an age in my life (19) where I can still try new things, embrace new opportunities, make more mistakes and learn from them. I can find my passion(s) and make memories. I don’t have to let things tie me down if I don’t want them to. I can choose the permanent additions to my life and choose to let go of the temporary.
I closed one door knowing I am seeking new doors of opportunity. I am constantly looking for the next task to say ‘Yes’ to. There are so many possibilities out there, so many different paths to walk down and experiences to have.
By starting this journey of new beginnings I have allowed myself to open up to the world around me. To not let myself feel held back.
I can wonder, escape, live and learn.
Remember, I haven’t thrown away the key to this chapter because nothing about it was wrong or bad. I can still revisit, try again or admire the differences in the future.
We limit ourselves through our surroundings and routine, we forget that there is a whole world waiting for us if we just wake up on the wrong side of the bed for a change.
So here’s to new beginnings, to finding myself, to the success I always imagined. Here’s to great memories and countless mistakes.
Don’t be afraid to start again. It may be the best decision you could make.

By AlisaLifestyle

Just your average 18 year old girl trying to make a mark in this world!

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