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Finding yourself

We hear a lot about the need to “find ourselves”. We must “discover our purpose”, decide who we want to be etc.

I believed this and for many years I tried so hard to figure out who I was supposed to be and what my true purpose in life is. I tried too hard. I stressed myself out, unintentionally hurt myself in the process and still believed that I was doing the right thing.

Here is the truth.

You do not have to be any specific thing. You do not have one purpose in life. If you set yourself a goal and decide to change it one week later then do it. We strive so hard for acceptance and success yet we tear ourselves down in the process. When we gain success and look back on the journey we took to get there, will we feel reassured or pleased if we only see the sorrow we felt?

As a child every week I had a different “dream job”. I guess my family thought it was something I would grow out of but here I am at the age of 20, almost 21 and I still want to try everything. I still can’t stick to one thing. I constantly start new hobbies only to forget about them when a new hobby comes along. For a while now I have been made to feel that this was wrong.

How can it be wrong if it brings me joy? I get to explore different passions. I get to choose what I want to do at that time. If I change my mind, I get to choose something else.

The reason that this is my first post after a year is because I also felt, in regards to this blog, that I need it to match my “style”. My posts need to flow with one another. My blog should look put together even if I, as a person, am not.

Well I have come back now after the realisation that I can make this blog whatever I want it to be. I can write an inspiring post one day and talk about my love for reading the next. I can recommend a product to you and then decide to tell you what hobby I am currently investing my time in.

This is my space and my blog.

This is me.

And I sincerely hope you enjoy learning about me as much I love writing about me.


By AlisaLifestyle

Just your average 18 year old girl trying to make a mark in this world!

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