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The other side of the grind.

Seeing other people succeed will always push you to work harder and make your vision clearer. It’s that recognition that we as humans all want to feel. To be appreciated. For someone to see our efforts and hard work. The grind isn’t just about working and working. It’s about always looking for new inspiration, it’s […]

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Daily Motivation (16)

Being a leader is to impact someone’s life for the better. It’s to imprint your experiences and life lessons and change someone’s perception. It’s to be victorious and then turn back around and show others the way to victory.  – Alisa Lifestyle 


The Beauty of a Leader

Now I know what you may be thinking. A business definition of the word ‘leader’. That person we see stood at the head of the table at meetings with the stick thing pointing to some charts. You know the one? (Side note: Why is it we associate certain words with certain concepts?) A leader doesn’t […]